Seedlab Tasmania

Seedlab Tasmania will help early stage Tasmanian food, drink, and agri-businesses start, scale and grow.

Seedlab Tasmania

We are here to support you with the training and support to drive profitable growth and de-risk export opportunities for your business.

Connecting 200+ Tasmanian startup food, drink, agri-food and agri-tourism businesses with recognised experts and a best-practice training programme means we can provide you with innovative and effective strategies.

Our programme and networking connections means you get the possible start to building your business.

What we do

Tasmanian Startup Incubator

Seedlab Tasmania is a unique incubator providing Tasmanian startup food, drink, agri-food and agri-tourism businesses with access to expertise, training and support to help them start, scale and grow to become export-ready.

Best-Practice Program

We have a program of best-practice training and tailored coaching support delivered by commercially-savvy experts. We cover a wide range of topics: food innovation and technology, fermentation and distillation, marketing and branding, business planning and strategy, to name just a few.

National Stakeholder Support

Seedlab Tasmania is supported by the Australian Government, Woolworths, the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian businesses and other Tasmanian and Australian companies.

Feedback from Bootcamp

The real value is the doors that this Bootcamp will potentially open in the future; further courses and learning opportunities, contacts, networking, resources, etc.
Corinne Ooms

Wild Pepper Isle, Hobart.

A very engaging experience, and I was very encouraged about the potential return from investing in the rest of the program (time/money). It sounds very promising, and the group appear highly capable at teaching in their fields
David Thurrowgood

Applied Conservation Science, Launceston.

Clarifying our business aims (e.g. the exercise on ‘what does success mean for you’), our USP (Unique Selling Point), our target market and how to communicate all this effectively and concisely – in a way that matters to customers
Clara Ho

New Norfolk Distillery, New Norfolk.

Sometimes your target market or packaging might not be exactly on point. This is why MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is important. Start with something and then make gradual changes

Aimee Datlen, – Little Isle Mushrooms, Snug

"Bootcamp forced me to take a look at our business from a different and perhaps more personalised perspective, which can only be useful"

Justin Birchmore – Academy al Funghi, Launceston.

"The Seedlab Bootcamp was a great supportive kickstart for the budding entrepreneur. Athough centred on Agribusiness, this methodology should become mainstream education for future small business kickstarters.."

Phil Evans – Evans Store, Queenstown.

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