Seedlab Tasmania

Helping you make your food, drink or agri-tourism business dreams come to life.

Seedlab Tasmania

Do you have a dream to develop a new food, drink or agri-tourism business in Tasmania? Seedlab is here to help guide you to success with best practice training and support to start, scale and grow to become export-ready. We will help your business dreams develop sooner, more profitably and sustainably.

What we do

Tasmanian Startup Incubator

Seedlab Tasmania is a unique incubator providing Tasmanian startup food, drink, agri-food and agri-tourism businesses with access to expertise, training and support to help them start, scale and grow to become export-ready.

Best-Practice Program

We have a program of best-practice training and tailored coaching support delivered by commercially-savvy experts. We cover a wide range of topics: food innovation and technology, fermentation and distillation, marketing and branding, business planning and strategy, to name just a few.

National Stakeholder Support

Seedlab Tasmania is supported by the Australian Government, Woolworths, the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian businesses and other Tasmanian and Australian companies.

Feedback from Cultivate

“I spend time working ON the business weekly, which means instead of running around like a headless chicken without any real direction, I now have action plans in place”

Rachel Tulloch


“I feel like a real business! I’m more confident in what we are offering and have a plan to go forward and know where I can go for help and or resources”

Lisa J Britzman

Campo de Flori.

“We are now planning for how and why our business operates and not just that it does operate. This gives us more strategic options for where the business is going long term”

Tarrant Derksen

New Norfolk Distillery.

Sometimes your target market or packaging might not be exactly on point. This is why MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is important. Start with something and then make gradual changes

Aimee Datlen, – Little Isle Mushrooms, Snug

"Bootcamp forced me to take a look at our business from a different and perhaps more personalised perspective, which can only be useful"

Justin Birchmore – Academy al Funghi, Launceston.

"The Seedlab Bootcamp was a great supportive kickstart for the budding entrepreneur. Athough centred on Agribusiness, this methodology should become mainstream education for future small business kickstarters.."

Phil Evans – Evans Store, Queenstown.

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